When Your Eggo Is Preggo You Can Still Work Out!

So since I have been training I have worked with a few pregnant women and it is so much fun to train them. It has  mostly been in the early term of pregnancy, but lately I have been training a woman who is 8 1/2 months preggo! She has been rocking our workouts. Working out when your pregnant only makes you stronger for giving birth and bouncing back to your pre baby bod that much quicker. It’s also nice to have a challenge of thinking of a workout that will keep the heart rate below normal working hear t rate as well as finding modifications for things such as plank or exercises performed while on your back. Once into the third trimester pregnant women are not to be on lying directly onto their backs, or to be fully prone. So in this case instead of doing full on push ups on the floor I simply would have someone perform them with the TRX or on a bench. There is no excuse as to not workout throughout your pregnancy unless you are medically advised not to by your doctor. My current client is proof that you can still push yourself along your pregnancy and stay strong for yourself and your baby to come. I’m so excited for her because I just know she will get right back into her groove and has potential to be even stronger and healthier after she has the baby. Speaking of, I trained her on Friday last week and she had her baby 10 days earlier than her due date on Monday! I think that’s pretty cool. I will keep you updated on how she progresses postpartum!

Just a note: The next time you don’t want to get off the couch because you are just feeling lazy, remember that a woman that is 9 months preggo is waddling her way off of her couch and into the gym to kick butt!