When Your Eggo Is Preggo You Can Still Work Out!

So since I have been training I have worked with a few pregnant women and it is so much fun to train them. It has  mostly been in the early term of pregnancy, but lately I have been training a woman who is 8 1/2 months preggo! She has been rocking our workouts. Working out when your pregnant only makes you stronger for giving birth and bouncing back to your pre baby bod that much quicker. It’s also nice to have a challenge of thinking of a workout that will keep the heart rate below normal working hear t rate as well as finding modifications for things such as plank or exercises performed while on your back. Once into the third trimester pregnant women are not to be on lying directly onto their backs, or to be fully prone. So in this case instead of doing full on push ups on the floor I simply would have someone perform them with the TRX or on a bench. There is no excuse as to not workout throughout your pregnancy unless you are medically advised not to by your doctor. My current client is proof that you can still push yourself along your pregnancy and stay strong for yourself and your baby to come. I’m so excited for her because I just know she will get right back into her groove and has potential to be even stronger and healthier after she has the baby. Speaking of, I trained her on Friday last week and she had her baby 10 days earlier than her due date on Monday! I think that’s pretty cool. I will keep you updated on how she progresses postpartum!

Just a note: The next time you don’t want to get off the couch because you are just feeling lazy, remember that a woman that is 9 months preggo is waddling her way off of her couch and into the gym to kick butt!



Breaking Records

So we decided to drop down and do the half marathon instead of the full 26.2 last weekend in Arizona. Training has felt super difficult in the winter as opposed to spring or summer months and my hips are not holding up on the longer miles. I feel like I want to chop my hips off riiiiiight around mile 17. So being a smart racer this time around, I decided to give myself a break and not feel guilty that I did not run the full. We got to the expo and thought well maybe we should just run the full since we are signed up for it, but you know what? I have the rest of my life to run another marathon. And if it’s true that my body will peak in my late 20’s- early 30’s for longer distances, then why not wait? I will have to do another full when I compete in the Ironman. Hopefully being next year!

My sister and I ran the Arizona half 2 years ago with some friends and it was super hot and muggy. It was my first half marathon and I PR’d! You know that’s something you do when you run a certain distance for the first time ever. My time was 1:39. This year, the weather was amazing and it felt so great out. My body was thanking me for not putting it through a grueling 26.2 miles and I flew. I chopped 4 minutes off of my best time (which was the 1:39 two years ago) and raced 1:35. yahoo!!!! 7:18 average mile pace and I felt strong the entire way.  Starting with a 7:00 mile pace for the first few miles and knew I had to relax. My sister and I talked though our strategy during the race and knew we just wanted to stay consistent through the middle 4 miles. Our coach had always told us that everyone has a beginning and end to a race. It’s the middle part where you need to be aware that you must be out of you comfort zone and to keep a consistent pace. We always ended our speed workouts faster than when we began so that was another strategy we had. We ended the last 3 miles with 6:45, 6:50 and 6:40 something. It was pretty cool to knock that big of a chunk of time off and declare a new personal record!

Participant Detail
Finished In:
Danielle Magargee
Denver, CO
Age: 26 | Gender: F
  • 5 km-22:57
  • 10 km-46:17
  • 10 mi-1:14
  • Pace-7:18


I ran it with my sister and my friends Tayler and Megan also ran it together. It was a fun sisterly weekend and we stayed at Tayler and Megan’s parent’s amaaaaaaaaaaazing house in Pinnacle Peak.  We enjoyed the sun in our faces, the fun talks with their mom and dad, and our just plain RELAXING!











What are your goals for the Spring time?


Training Disconnect

Have you ever been training for something and you just kind of feel like you are going through the motions and not enjoying it? you feel BLAH! That is how I am feeling lately with the marathon training. we are a little over half way and I keep getting discouraged on my long runs. Either that or I dread them for the entire week before. I feel like when I know I do not have to race (like last year when I was helping Erin prepare for Boston), that I feel so much less pressure to perform. When that happens, I actually perform better and faster than I do when I am constantly thinking of the times I need to hit, or the amount of miles I have to run. Whoever says running is not mostly mental is a mental case themselves! I have this wall at mile 14 and 15 that I hit on my long runs these days that I have to say out loud to myself “Just go! open up! lengthen your stride! stretch it out!” I feel like my hips lock up, my times slow down, and I want to quit. I am not supposed to feel like that! I’m the motivator, the personal trainer, the example of being positive! Of course I want to qualify for Boston, but I can not let that lead my workouts, fuel my discouragement, or make me forget that I LOVE RUNNING! I am publicly displaying my thoughts so that I can keep a reminder to myself that to run with no pressure, have fun, and that is when the results will follow. I have ran this fast before. I have ran this far before. My body knows what to do and I just need to relax and trust it! So who wants to join in on a FUN 20 miler this weekend?!




Do your body a favor and look up voodoo bands. These things are MAGIC!

I was introduced to them by some fellow trainers after I had ran a long 16 miler. My hips get SO achy and tight, I’m sure I look in pain from an outsider’s point of view. I ran and had to immediately get in the car so sitting down instantly shortened my hip flexors for an extended period of time. When I waddled into the gym, one of the trainers wrapped this band around my hips, had me do some squats and stretches with it on for a few mintues and VIOLA! I went from a 9 on the pain scale being super uncomfortable and feeling like I needed to foam roll for a good 20 minutes to virtually feeling like I had just performed an entire dynamic warm up. It only took 2 minutes of the band being on each hip and I was healed. see, MAGIC! Here is the link to my new favorite stretching and maintenance routine!

Another thing I am learning about is “flossing” as a stretching mechanism. It essentially hits the stiffness in the joints and inreases the sliding surfaces in your tissues!  Watch the videos on the this technique and tell me you don’t feel better after trying this! it’s amazing!

I also used the voodoo band one day when we were doing front squats. I was trying to push my knees OUT to get lower with my chest staying tall and all that jazz associated with a real squat and I could feel a pinge or tightness in my right knee. one minute of the band above my knee and some dynamic squats later, I could get lower in the squat painfree and I felt more stable. MAAAAGIC!!! well atleast I believe in it, so check it out!


Road to Results

How many hours a week do you put into your workout routine? or even just time for YOU?! I keep reading suggestions for people that like to be on a schedule that you should schedule your workouts like any other meeting you have during the week. It IS that important that you take some time during your week to decompress, run, yoga, strength train, walk, or whatever it is that you need to do to feel healthy and well.

I have come across some people that workout everyday and others maybe just once a week. As a trainer it is one of the most frustrating things to hear a client say they do not have time to exercise. You could take a 10 minute break 3 times during one day and you would have your 30 minutes done. Three 10 mintute bouts of exercise  (ie. walking, jogging, squats, lunges, push ups, circuits) is just as beneficial as one 30 minute long session of the same thing. You need to do atleast 10 minutes to see physiological differences, but many people have the thought that if they can not dedicate a whole hour to exercise that there is no point in doing some at all. WRONG! DO SOMETHING! Even if you park your car in the farthest spot away at the grocery store, or take the stairs to your exercise ball waiting for you under your desk, it’s SOMETHING!

As a trainer, I try to give my clients little things that they can do in their time away from me to be successful and stay that way. One of my old bosses told me that I needed to express to my clients that, ” you are without me more than you are with me.”  With that its important to realize as somebody that is trying to lose weight, tone up, or feel better overall, that you NEED to do stuff ON YOUR OWN. Meeting with me for one hour a week will NOT get you results. Sure, you will be sore for a few days I hope, but if you do not do things on your own you are setting yourself up for failure or to simply just stay the same. It also means that I am not doing my job. My goal as a personal trainer is to not have my clients rely on me every waking second of their day. I want to give you the tools, ideas, workouts, for you to be able to perform such things on your own. Unless you feel like paying me thousands of dollars a month, then we can workout all day everyday if you want! Realistically that’s not the case for anyone.

One of my old business cards read “if you do you what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you’ve always gotten.” I think that pretty much sums it up right there!

What do you do on your own when your trainer is not with you? Or when you are not able to attend a workout class?



Paleo or Bust?


I have been experimenting with eating the Paleo way for a few months now.  I was telling a fellow Paleonite that I can be so “good” during the week, and then when the weekend hits, FORGET IT! I know everything you do and eat can be in moderation and that having a piece of bread here and there shouldn’t be a problem, but I have that fear of if I “cheat” I have go to start all over again!  I read Robb Wolff’s book, The Paleo Solution. Check out a video of him explaining his book here…..Robb Wolf

I have had conversations with people on why this book was impossible to put down until I read the whole thing through. Coming from a science and physiological background in college, I was so enthralled in this book. I wanted to know exactly what would happen to my insides, organs, and athletic performance as soon as I ate oatmeal, quinoa, milk, CHEESE, or ANYTHING!

The other fascinating concept from the Paleo lifestyle is the notion and explanation of how eating the way we were supposed to eat, like our hunters and gatherers, can reverse things such as Rheumatoid arthritis, asthma, autism! I mean WHOA! My mother has had the worse asthma than anyone I know. I remember her at night using a nebulizer, which we thought looked like a weird alien machine that caused vapor to billow out some tube while she had to breathe it all in. One time I called her and she was so out of breath just from walking from her work to the parking lot! After many bouts of prednisone, antibiotics, etc I told my mom she has got to try eating Paleo. In Robb’s book, along with others they suggest just giving it a try! Try it for 30 days, see what happens. Try it for another 10 days, see what happens. In every testimonial I have read, people talk about how they felt amazing after the FIRST day! Yeah, you need to be prepared and make food, purchase snacks to have on hand, and probably really like eggs, but the outcome is so worth it. It’s kind of like how I can not wrap my head around why people do not exercise. It’s not about LOOKING good, it’s about FEELING good! If you don’t at least try to weed out the bad stuff in your diet, then how can you say Paleo is a gimmic? It’s just a trend. It’s not realistic. By the way, my mom has been eating the Paleo way for almost 3 weeks now and has lost almost 20 pounds and is scheduled for a doctor’s appointment soon to see what other great changes have been made. I’m so proud of her for making a change and wanting to better her life, let alone her breathing capabilities!

For me, I’m still trying to figure out how to stay on track on the weekends, gatherings, nights out with friends, etc. But I sure feel good when I know that what I’m putting in my body is going to fuel me in better ways than before for my races, triathlons, everyday workouts, and my attitude. I’m most anticipating how eating this way will increase my athletic performance. I want to run as fast as I did in college, or FASTER! I want my body to change with all of my hard work. I want to qualify for Boston in January’s Race. Having these goals, makes me want to read more and more on how to sustain this Paleolithic lifestyle. There is so much more research I need to read, and I’m definitely the first person to say that I’m no expert on eating and living this lifestyle, but I can at least give some motivation and feedback as to how I feel as of yet.

If you know me, I’m the last person that is going to toss up the chance of eating a big bowl of ice cream, or guzzling that oh so good glass of wine. The books I have read so far, explain and show you how you CAN HAVE A LIFE, and still feel great and stay on track at the same time.  If you are feeling drowsy, unmotivated to exercise, negative, tired at work, hangry, at least just check out the ideas and science behind eating Paleo. Let me know what you feel like.

QUESTION: What would be the hardest thing you could not eat? for me, its CHEEEEEESE!


Age is Nothing but a Number!

Last weekend I had clients from the past and a couple of current bootcampers compete in the Poconos Half Ironman near Philly. I just learned yesterday that Dorothy, one of my bootcampers at the club, WON HER AGE GROUP! how awesome is that? By the way Dorothy is in her late 50’s! Her husband, Glen, was 8th in his division and he is also is in his 50’s.  They are a huge motivator for others and I hope that I am still doing triathlons and races in my next 25-30 years!  Amanda used to be one of my clients and has since moved to the east coast with her boyfriend, Matt. They also do triathlons together, and this was Amanda’s first 70.3.  Matt won my very first Ironman Challenge I put on at the club I was training at. I am so proud of my former and current clients. They are all athletes whether they think so or not. It’s also so great to see couples working towards goals TOGETHER! (one of the many reasons I love my boyfriend).  It is really nice and encouraging to share an experience like a triathlon, marathon, or any other sport with a companion.  If you are afraid or intimidated to do any kind of race, ask a friend, ask your significant other, ASK YOUR TRAINER (hint hint), to do it with you! You will end up learning a lot about yourselves, your relationship, and that you can really accomplish ANYTHING you set your mind to! Congrats to Dorothy, Glen, Amanda, and Matt on finishing off your triathlon season with a bang! YOU ROCK!


This was part of the blog “Milemarkers” written by Kristin Armstrong. She is a great writer, and her book Mile Markers is pretty amazing! This is a perfect example of how you can push others and that having a training partner is a great tool to increase your performance.

Exuberant exhaustion follows a good push.  I needed my friends today so I didn’t skimp or wimp. Good friends and solid training partners keep us accountable.  They know what our try looks like.  They don’t let us just” get by.”  Whether I’m running, working, relating, parenting, learning – whatever I’m doing, I want to surround myself with people who push me.  For some people this means competition (for me, not at all, in fact, that diminishes my spirit) but for me this means the unspoken encouragement of good company.  When someone else gives her all, I am inspired, even called, to give mine – even if her all and my all look nothing alike.






October One is TODAY! This means new goals, new visions, new attitudes, new challenges.

Today, I got back into the saddle. The spin bike saddle that is. I haven’t been to a spin class in several months because it has been so beautiful OUTSIDE! But now it’s time to get into Fall mode and get back into my colder day routine. It is still fantastic to be outside, and I plan to still ride outside, but it’s also nice to have someone there pushing you on those days where you just feel blah! I know a lot of people feel like that on a Monday especially. So my new venture and exercise goal is to go to spinning class more often.

A few of my old clients and I came up with this challenge to meet for one month’s time. Your goal is to complete the challenge in the month of October. Whomever completes the challenge and performs the most reps, minutes, etc will earn a prize. A gift card to Lulu Lemon, Sports Authority, or any other place the winner wants to treat themselves! Pass this on to your friends and family. It will be a great way to record what you have done for the month, and it also motivates you to do MORE!

I have made a google document available for all to record their numbers. All you have to do is make a new spreadsheet and start adding your numbers. It will also help if you put the date on each line. As soon as you record a number, the countdown begins on the right hand side letting you know how much you have left to complete! GOOD LUCK AND HAVE FUN! let me know if you have ANY questions! Post your progress on facebook, twitter, or email the boot camp! Your progress helps motivate others towards hitting their own goals.