Paleo or Bust?


I have been experimenting with eating the Paleo way for a few months now.  I was telling a fellow Paleonite that I can be so “good” during the week, and then when the weekend hits, FORGET IT! I know everything you do and eat can be in moderation and that having a piece of bread here and there shouldn’t be a problem, but I have that fear of if I “cheat” I have go to start all over again!  I read Robb Wolff’s book, The Paleo Solution. Check out a video of him explaining his book here…..Robb Wolf

I have had conversations with people on why this book was impossible to put down until I read the whole thing through. Coming from a science and physiological background in college, I was so enthralled in this book. I wanted to know exactly what would happen to my insides, organs, and athletic performance as soon as I ate oatmeal, quinoa, milk, CHEESE, or ANYTHING!

The other fascinating concept from the Paleo lifestyle is the notion and explanation of how eating the way we were supposed to eat, like our hunters and gatherers, can reverse things such as Rheumatoid arthritis, asthma, autism! I mean WHOA! My mother has had the worse asthma than anyone I know. I remember her at night using a nebulizer, which we thought looked like a weird alien machine that caused vapor to billow out some tube while she had to breathe it all in. One time I called her and she was so out of breath just from walking from her work to the parking lot! After many bouts of prednisone, antibiotics, etc I told my mom she has got to try eating Paleo. In Robb’s book, along with others they suggest just giving it a try! Try it for 30 days, see what happens. Try it for another 10 days, see what happens. In every testimonial I have read, people talk about how they felt amazing after the FIRST day! Yeah, you need to be prepared and make food, purchase snacks to have on hand, and probably really like eggs, but the outcome is so worth it. It’s kind of like how I can not wrap my head around why people do not exercise. It’s not about LOOKING good, it’s about FEELING good! If you don’t at least try to weed out the bad stuff in your diet, then how can you say Paleo is a gimmic? It’s just a trend. It’s not realistic. By the way, my mom has been eating the Paleo way for almost 3 weeks now and has lost almost 20 pounds and is scheduled for a doctor’s appointment soon to see what other great changes have been made. I’m so proud of her for making a change and wanting to better her life, let alone her breathing capabilities!

For me, I’m still trying to figure out how to stay on track on the weekends, gatherings, nights out with friends, etc. But I sure feel good when I know that what I’m putting in my body is going to fuel me in better ways than before for my races, triathlons, everyday workouts, and my attitude. I’m most anticipating how eating this way will increase my athletic performance. I want to run as fast as I did in college, or FASTER! I want my body to change with all of my hard work. I want to qualify for Boston in January’s Race. Having these goals, makes me want to read more and more on how to sustain this Paleolithic lifestyle. There is so much more research I need to read, and I’m definitely the first person to say that I’m no expert on eating and living this lifestyle, but I can at least give some motivation and feedback as to how I feel as of yet.

If you know me, I’m the last person that is going to toss up the chance of eating a big bowl of ice cream, or guzzling that oh so good glass of wine. The books I have read so far, explain and show you how you CAN HAVE A LIFE, and still feel great and stay on track at the same time.  If you are feeling drowsy, unmotivated to exercise, negative, tired at work, hangry, at least just check out the ideas and science behind eating Paleo. Let me know what you feel like.

QUESTION: What would be the hardest thing you could not eat? for me, its CHEEEEEESE!

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