marathon training time starts….NOW

We are doing it! My friend Tayler and I are going to compete in the Arizona Rock N’ Roll Marathon January 20th.

we are about 16 weeks out and both of our goals is to shave off some time from our previous marathons (Tayler completed the San Diego, and I did Pittsburgh last year).  After watching my sister Erin and one of our greatest friend and old teammates, Maggie, run in the Boston this year was fantastic! I was glad to NOT be running it at first because I was miserable during the Pittsburgh Marathon last year, but after watching erin and maggie run by in the 95 degree heat and sun, I felt so envious and said to myself “I HAVE to do this!”

That was my plan last year for sure. Erin qualified for the Boston two years ago while running the Denver Rock N Roll. That was her first marathon and I had a broken foot so watching from the sidelines was already tough for me. I told her that she could not run Boston without me. So as soon as I could, I started training and we decided to run Pittsburgh together. We have family there and we thought it would be a fun time. I was definitely not thinking about the tons of hills and bridges on the course. Why would I?! ha oh that’s right! Those are the things I should have thought MORE about when deciding where to run my first marathon and still qualify for Boston. 6 minutes behind my qualifying time, I finished the marathon. I hated it. My body hated it. I felt defeated. 6 MINUTES! ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!?!

The following year I helped Erin train for the Boston and you know what? it was SO much easier to run those 20 milers, track workouts, and easy days. I didn’t feel the pressure of having to be fast and making sure I was getting enough miles in. So like strength training, speed training, and everyday mindful things, once your body sees something and your brain registers it for the first time, YOU CAN DO IT AGAIN! and in most cases, you can do it faster, better, stronger, and without as much effort. So that is the goal in mind. To be relaxed, know that my body has seen this many miles, and that because I could train faster last year into this season, I will qualify. Even if the qualifying times have dropped 5 minutes for every age group! WE WILL DO IT!


So, here’s to those awesome track workouts and long ass Sunday runs that I miss and love!

What are your goals for this winter season?


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