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Training Disconnect

Have you ever been training for something and you just kind of feel like you are going through the motions and not enjoying it? you feel BLAH! That is how I am feeling lately with the marathon training. we are a little over half way and I keep getting discouraged on my long runs. Either that […]


Do your body a favor and look up voodoo bands. These things are MAGIC! I was introduced to them by some fellow trainers after I had ran a long 16 miler. My hips get SO achy and tight, I’m sure I look in pain from an outsider’s point of view. I ran and had to […]

Paleo Pad Thai

I have been offline for a while now. I am starting a new training gig at Fitness Together in Cherry Creek/Wash Park and I LOVE it, but I have had about 2.3 seconds at home to lounge around and write blog posts! But since this is the essentially the “Daily” Dose, I need to get […]

Road to Results

How many hours a week do you put into your workout routine? or even just time for YOU?! I keep reading suggestions for people that like to be on a schedule that you should schedule your workouts like any other meeting you have during the week. It IS that important that you take some time […]

Paleo or Bust?

  I have been experimenting with eating the Paleo way for a few months now.  I was telling a fellow Paleonite that I can be so “good” during the week, and then when the weekend hits, FORGET IT! I know everything you do and eat can be in moderation and that having a piece of […]

Age is Nothing but a Number!

Last weekend I had clients from the past and a couple of current bootcampers compete in the Poconos Half Ironman near Philly. I just learned yesterday that Dorothy, one of my bootcampers at the club, WON HER AGE GROUP! how awesome is that? By the way Dorothy is in her late 50’s! Her husband, Glen, […]