Age is Nothing but a Number!

Last weekend I had clients from the past and a couple of current bootcampers compete in the Poconos Half Ironman near Philly. I just learned yesterday that Dorothy, one of my bootcampers at the club, WON HER AGE GROUP! how awesome is that? By the way Dorothy is in her late 50’s! Her husband, Glen, was 8th in his division and he is also is in his 50’s.  They are a huge motivator for others and I hope that I am still doing triathlons and races in my next 25-30 years!  Amanda used to be one of my clients and has since moved to the east coast with her boyfriend, Matt. They also do triathlons together, and this was Amanda’s first 70.3.  Matt won my very first Ironman Challenge I put on at the club I was training at. I am so proud of my former and current clients. They are all athletes whether they think so or not. It’s also so great to see couples working towards goals TOGETHER! (one of the many reasons I love my boyfriend).  It is really nice and encouraging to share an experience like a triathlon, marathon, or any other sport with a companion.  If you are afraid or intimidated to do any kind of race, ask a friend, ask your significant other, ASK YOUR TRAINER (hint hint), to do it with you! You will end up learning a lot about yourselves, your relationship, and that you can really accomplish ANYTHING you set your mind to! Congrats to Dorothy, Glen, Amanda, and Matt on finishing off your triathlon season with a bang! YOU ROCK!


This was part of the blog “Milemarkers” written by Kristin Armstrong. She is a great writer, and her book Mile Markers is pretty amazing! This is a perfect example of how you can push others and that having a training partner is a great tool to increase your performance.

Exuberant exhaustion follows a good push.  I needed my friends today so I didn’t skimp or wimp. Good friends and solid training partners keep us accountable.  They know what our try looks like.  They don’t let us just” get by.”  Whether I’m running, working, relating, parenting, learning – whatever I’m doing, I want to surround myself with people who push me.  For some people this means competition (for me, not at all, in fact, that diminishes my spirit) but for me this means the unspoken encouragement of good company.  When someone else gives her all, I am inspired, even called, to give mine – even if her all and my all look nothing alike.


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