Make It Count

one of my favorite quotes:

Make it count

Whenever I am training a client, or teaching a bootcamp class I can not help but scream these words! Make every push up, squat, tricep dip, plank twist, and drip of sweat count. If you don’t have this in mind, you are setting yourself up for defeat. When there are 100 reps to do (which I am known to make my many classes perform), you have to make sure each rep counts. Each move is executed with the correct form, with your greatest range of motion, and with your whole mind connected to that one move. Failure to do so could result in injury, self doubt, and the inability to see what your body is really capable of. THere were many times that I thought I was doing a “real” pushup when in reality I was shorting myself.  When I finally went to a crossfit class I was told that  a pushup counted as a pushup when you lowered your body down to touch your chest and hips to floor and back up. I never thought I was be capable of doing so and after using a band from above around my waist to help assist me for the first few attempts, I was able to do it all on my own. Then we had to add weight on top of our backs and keep doing them! I tell all of my clients now that you CAN do a push up and you WILL. Whether you need to start on your knees, or on an incline, or only do 1 at a time, YOU CAN DO A REAL PUSH UP. I just read in Fitness Magazine that instead of going to your knees for a modified push up, one should use an incline such as a bench, stair, or chair to perform the exercise. This allows your muscles to see the whole range of motion your body needs to be in for you to perform the pushup on the ground or even on a decline.


There are definitly days to take off and recover, but you can still make it count. Did you make good nutritional choices? Did you relax? Did you stretch or do yoga? Did you talk or write about your experience? Our muscles need to recover, and I too need to remind myself of that after several days of running, swimming, biking, or strength training. I sometimes get that feeling that “I shouldn’t take a day off  because I have this big race coming up or I just feel really good.” I am learning to force myself that tapering is a great thing for my body, and that a day off will not kill me. It will only make me stronger. (insert Kelly Clarkson belting out those lyrics here)

So, what did you do today to make it count?

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